Canada Select Rated - 4 1/2 Stars


This is a natural phenomenon seen in very few parts of the world.  The embarkation point for this adventure is an easy 30-minute drive from Tulips and Thistle Bed & Breakfast.  Encounter the power of the advancing tide overtaking that of an out-flowing river.  See a river change directions before your eyes and experience the adventure of a roller-coaster ride through the rapids and whirlpools created when river and tide meet.  Any adventurous soul can white water raft down a river, imagine the conversation when you describe your experience of white water rafting up a river.  

Package Includes:

- Two nights accommodation
- Breakfasts that make lunch redundant
- Four hour tidal bore rafting experience
- Guides are highly qualified and knowledgeable
- Hot showers and changing rooms on site
- Hot beverage and barbecue at end of day

Package Rates (Dependant upon Room Selected):

Master Suite:               $500
Fergus Suite                $475
Mississauga Room:  $450
Cornelia Room:          $450

Please Note that Romantic Getaway and Experience Packages cannot be combined with Tulips and Thistle Multi-night discount packages.