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Another easy and delightful day-trip from Tulips and Thistle is a drive to the Eastern Annapolis Valley.  A two-hour drive will set the visitor in the heartland of Nova Scotia's fruit growing area among orchards and vineyards only minutes from fishing villages along the Fundy Coast.

A few possible sites to visit during this trip include:

CAPE BLOMIDON at the east end of the Annapolis Valley stands like a sentry overlooking the valley and guiding the fishing vessels as they head out to sea.  A lookoff at the top of Cape Blomodin affords the visitor a panoramic view of the valley laid out below and also the tidal flats and waters of the Minas Basin.  Bald eagles soar over challenging hiking trails that take the visitor to a spectacular vista at Cape Split.

HALLS HARBOUR, a picturesque fishing village on the Fundy shore, is a short drive from the Blomidon Lookoff.  Each day fifty-foot tides fill the inlet to nearly the top of the wooden wharfs and then recede out into the Bay leaving colorful fishing vessels sitting on the muddy harbour floor.  Stop for lunch and enjoy lobster, freshly caught and cooked on the spot.

WOLFVILLE was officially incorporated as a town in 1893.  Stately elms and willows, manicured lawns and century-old homes guide visitors along the main street.  Wolfville is the home of Acadia University, which was founded in 1838.  Visit the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens and the Atlantic Theatre Festival while visiting Wolfville.

GRAND PRE was populated by Acadian settlers who traveled from Port Royal in 1680.  This industrious group of farmers erected a complex series of dykes along the shores of the Minas Basin a laid the foundations for what was to become the agricultural heartland of Nova Scotia.  Approximately 6500 Acadians were victims of the "Grand Derangement", a tragedy that was to alter forever the course of Acadian history.

Grand Pre National Historic Site marks one of the sites of the Deportation of the Acadians.  A commemorative church erected on the site chronicles the history of the Acadian struggle to survive and develop as a unique people.  A statue of Evangeline, the heroine of Longfellow's epic poem, is a focal point at the site. 

Close by is Evangeline Beach and the Grand Pre Winery.  Visits through the winery are easily arranged.  Craft shops, antique stores and farmers market abound throughout the area.